I’m Niko Laasonen a.k.a. Ksm. I’m an electronic musician from Helsinki, Finland. I’m currently studying Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy. My debut album as a solo artist “Depletion Zone” is a record full of instrumental music from various genres and will be out 31st October.


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Depletion Zone (2010)

1. Ball Grid Array
2. Epitaxial Wafer
3. Amorphous Layer
4. Dopant
5. Polysilicon
6. Full-wave Rectifier
7. Half-wave Rectifier
8. Dielectric Constant
9. Ion Implantation
10. Low-Temperature Oxidation
11. Sealed Cavities

Guest musicians:

Ville Koivuranta: Color gel frame, accordion, percussion (5)
Juho Eklund: Guitar sample (5)

Mastered by Olli Ovaskainen
Semiconductor and radio technology consultant: Joonas Leinonen

Levykauppa äx

Ion Implantation -single (2010) (internet only)

1. Ion Implantation
2. Sealed Cavities

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